Sunday, 30 January 2011

...sometimes you gotta lose till you win...

So long since I wrote. It's strange to look at the last photo I put on the blog; it feels so long ago now that I was sitting in my parents' house waiting for the snow to stop (and hoping it wouldn't for quite awhile). Now I'm back, thrust into the middle of chaos. My job this year is to complete and completely finish any remnants of a cycle of chaos that's been following me around for a long long time now: insane housemate. I won't recap the gory details, the late rent payments, locking my cat sitter out while I was in the US, trashing my room while I've been gone, the photographic and digitally recorded evidence to support my recent case. There is only one thing that needs to be said--my current housemate is on her way out, thank the universe, and once she's out there will not be any more dirty, disrespectful, partying, smoking, drug dealing, alcoholic, 8 loads of laundry per day, obsessive compulsive, explosion of fairies and hearts and angels and nude drawings of oneself housemates EVER again. Whew!

So I figure, I'm actually not that stressed right now because she is on her way out. And hey, as Sugarland say, 'sometimes you gotta lose till you win' and I'm ready now to shake off the crazymakers of previous house days and move to a new stage of my life, one that I'm optimistic will lead me into a peaceful, clean, quiet, creative and playful living environment. Clear my space and start fresh.

Eyes above water, a strong swimmer and runner on land, this alligator is only two years old and it could probably bite someone's hand off if it wanted to, but oh look how cute it is too... they can hold their breath underwater if need be, and nobody messes with them... I'm going to cultivate alligator mentality, well at least baby alligator mentality. A quick google search tells me that alligators hibernate. Just think I might try that for awhile when this is all over.

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