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'Full of such sensual detail that to read it is to breathe it in.'
- Jo Shapcott [review, Greyhound Night Service]


Six week writing experiment

 Last week I used some of my research time to reflect on the six week experiment I've been doing thanks to Helen Sword's book on academic writing and to my colleague who let me borrow her copy when I first came across it while cat sitting over the summer.  A slow starter by nature, I paused for quite some time on Sword's first chapter and its tasks, specifically, a combination of her suggestions to 'experiment with writing at different times of the day' and to 'write at a time that feels "wrong."' The idea here is to try and make new habits and to see whether writing frequently (and thus not waiting for the perfect time and space in which to write / research) can work for me. After frowning at my diary a lot, I decided to try and schedule this 'wrong time' writing for 1 hour every morning before work (5 days a week) and to keep half an additional day per week for research too. For the past few years I've already been working towards hav

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