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Just a dream

Due to the irregular differences in time zoneage between the US and the UK in the past couple of weeks (the US changed their clocks a few weeks before the UK) I have missed the Indie Ink registration deadlines on two occasions! So, for a bit of fun, I asked my friend Mandy of My Plaid Pants to give me a personal prompt. She's also participating in the challenge and we haven't yet been paired up. Here's her little gift to me:

Make up a religion. You can have gods and/or goddesses or you can pull the parts of other religions you love and put them in your own religion- whatever you'd like. This is your religion.Religion has been on my mind recently as we had to do the 2011 Census here on the 27 March. In the little box that said 'Which religion do you belong to...' I didn't know what to tick. Not because I don't know where I am on this issue, but because there wasn't an option that suited me, so I had to check the box for 'other' and write in some approximation. In an alternative world, maybe this would be my religion...

The Ultraviolets (a Rough Guide)This form of spirituality arose in the early part of the second decade of the 21st century. Followers were quick to join and even today numbers are growing steadily. Current worldwide membership is 45 million. At the heart of the movement is a belief that what the body experiences with the senses must be honoured to live a full and healthy life. Animals and food play key roles in each person's awareness of spirit.

Gods: The Ultraviolets believe there are 8 centres of consciousness in the world, each one represented by a colour. Modern day theologians link these 8 types of consciousness to the 7 chakra or energy systems in the body as well as the colour or wave length, ultraviolet. This wavelength is sacred as it corresponds to the Ultraviolets' most sacred animal, the bee.

Religious attire: Ultraviolet group members may dress in whatever fashion style they like, however, when joining , members take an oath to wear all clothing in 1 colour each day. The beginning of Ultraviolet spirituality can be linked to the sudden shortage of red clothing in 2013 and that of a temporary worldwide depletion of the colour blue 20 years later.

Diet: Ultraviolets eat only organic, free range food. Sacred foods include all types of cheese, but particularly that made from goat milk, any product made with ground or whole kernel corn (but especially popcorn), and any food containing mustard seed. No 24 hour period can pass without consumption of at least one of these foods. Alternatively, if a member finds it difficult to obtain cheese, corn or mustard seed, he or she may eat cake to appease the consciousness centres.

Rites and Worship: Members take vows when joining to uphold the 8 Holy Treatise

1. The body must be immersed in water at least once a day, for sport or hygiene
2. The body is a sacred vessel, cheese, mustard seed and corn are pure and tasty foods and one must digest these daily or else eat cake.
3. The mood of your consciousness must correspond with outward appearance and dress; 1 colour per day.
4. The body must always travel in unison with others: public transport, carpooling, group cycling or walking only.
5. Thou shalt always have Saturday, Sunday and Monday with no work.
6. When the spirit has left the body, the body must be buried at sea.
7. All worship shall take place outside under open sky; all worship must involve feasting and dancing.
8. Each member shall always have with them an animal companion; thou must care for and honour the animal companion for the duration of its life.

*Editors note: Ultraviolets have been studied for more than half a century now and no member has ever been diagnosed with a stress related disorder or depression.


  1. downright utopian. let them eat cake!
    but we better start taking care of the bees if we are to make it here :)

  2. YES! //At the heart of the movement is a belief that what the body experiences with the senses must be honoured to live a full and healthy life.//

    Also: I love the rites and worship especially numbers 1, 2, 7 and 8. YES YES YES.

    I'm losing my religion and joining yours asap.


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