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I've got a perfect puzzle for you

The new challenge from Indie Ink is in (in fact I nearly forgot about it this week everything has been so busy!) and it comes to me from the raunchy 20-something kick-ass writer Lazidaisical
The writing quest this week has plagued me since yesterday when I read the prompt, oy!

Write about something you don't really understand.
I have discovered that there are at least two different kinds of not understanding: the type of thing I really cannot believe (like how some people don't like popcorn) and the type of thing that, no matter how much someone explains it to me, I really do not do not grasp it in my brain.

Most complex maths and chemistry fall into category 2...

Sigh. And I admit, I really do not understand the internet, how it works, what it is, the whole lot. A very odd thing to write down as I sit here in my purple pjs using the said thing I do not understand! Yes, I've Googled 'what is the internet?' and I've investigated 'how does the internet work?' and I've talked to IT people too, but no matter how much I read on the topic, particularly when it comes to the difference between the worldwideweb (oh yes, one word) and the internet, there is lots of jargon. Lots of abbreviations like http or html, and while I sortof know what these are, well okay, I sortof know where they appear on my screen and what they are for, sortof, I still really have no idea how the whole thing works. Possible ideas on this--

1. The internet really is a small black box containing all the information in the world and it resides somewhere in a hidden location and we all have the ability to tap into it due to the monthly fee we pay to the phone company. The information is, of course, updated in the black box daily by some all-knowing scientist person.

2. The internet is somehow powered by satellites in the sky that swivel around like a chameleon's eyeball and point beams of information into my computer or somewhere nearby.

3. Some Other-World Being in the sky, or famous person like Dolly Parton has tapped into the brains and potential of every human on Earth and all this information is assimilated while we sleep, so that when we wake up, those thoughts, that the Being knew we'd think and the searches it knew we'd want to perform, show up on screen when we switch on the computer.

4. Information swarms around in the air, like it does in Willy Wonka when they zap the chocolate bar in the TV room.

That's about all I've got on this topic. And apart from the third option, I suspect either the first or second could be somewhat true, but it's really the fourth one I imagine when I'm on-line.

If anyone can offer a 30 word or less explanation that doesn't involve words I have to go look up in a dictionary, I just might give you a cyber-gold-star...


  1. Well, my favorite explanation of the internet is from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: "The Internet is a communication tool used the world over where people can come together to bitch about movies and share pornography with one another."

    But your explanation comes in a close second. :)

  2. Haha, I like your second reason. I would have loved for someone to beam some information during my exams though :)
    Good job on the challenge!

  3. That's a very good thing to not understand! The Willy Wonka reference gave the internet a most enchanted feel, and you justified that with your own thoughts. And your intro made me blush - thank you!

  4. This is so cute. I love every explanation of the internet. I don't know if I dare to try in 30 words:

    All the information in the internet resides within computers (and its storage). Your computer connect to other, that one to others, and so on. The information is organized by sites.

    There 30 words...jaja. Nice post!

  5. Thanks lifenbits! for your explanation and to everyone for reading...


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