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The Book of Love...no one can lift the damn thing

When I started my blog I thought, here is a space to collect thoughts on love, poetry, relationship and how we all connect.... And yet, what's probably the most difficult thing for me to write about is love. I haven't done much writing on love lately... even though I've been in love recently, even though I've been in love for quite some time, grappling with the ups and downs of relationship in a way I've never done before.

Breakups are part of the whole finding-love-and-holding-onto-it business that is life really, and I've found myself blog-silent on this, because when you think you've found love, and the person you feel it for and with takes a step away and out of the picture, there is little to say. Little to say especially that is funny or wry or even sarcastic, all those emotions it's easy for me to use when writing.

But not writing feels like I'm turning my back on the very idea that prompted me to start this: a haven in which to lay down thoughts my thoughts, to look them over, hold them up to the light or let the darkness in. And so I've come to the point of writing, without the energy it takes to put on the mask of--No really, I'm fine, I know it will all be okay. And in this process I hope to find, for myself, permission to write what's here, in my life, especially when it isn't funny or light-hearted, but sad or difficult or sometimes even impossible.


  1. write some poems, zee. write it out. i want to read some of your poems. xoxo marian

  2. Been working on it! Got one poem so far out of all this...'Write to right the world' as Julia Cameron says...


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