'Prepare to be immersed in the heat and vibrancy of Florida's natural world, full of such sensual detail that to read it is to breathe it in.' -Jo Shapcott [review of Greyhound Night Service]

Rules for Teachers

I've just finished a flat-out marathon of marking exam papers. 300,000 words for this first batch. Needless to say, my vision is fuzzy even reading this as a type it! And I found an old photo I took of a funny sign. Some of these rules clearly apply to my life. Certainly numbers 1, 2, 3 and 12. Number 10 is also true.

Remarkable things today:

1). All Mr T's stuff is finally gone from my house...
2). It's very very sunny, yet still cold out.
3). I just discovered the amazing swing-jazz-smoothness of Dutch singer Caro Emerald's music.

Here are a couple songs: Back it up, That Man

4). Hearing her music just makes me want to dance and I can't remember the last time I felt that way...

5). Jamaican cooking and how my house smells after two hours of cooking 'peas and rice'...wow!

Out into the cold sunny day to take down the half-dry washing. Oh don't I just love June in the UK!