'Prepare to be immersed in the heat and vibrancy of Florida's natural world, full of such sensual detail that to read it is to breathe it in.' -Jo Shapcott [review of Greyhound Night Service]

Walking and looking

I have restarted my morning walks since returning to the UK. As well as obsessively cataloguing wild flowers (a habit that developed in August when I was investigating a character I'm writing who is a natural historian) I love to watch for all the tiny signals that the seasons are changing. Since wild flowers are pretty much done for the year, I'll turn my attention to trees.

Remarkable Things:
1. More bright yellow leaves everywhere
2. Echinacea tea after my walk
3. The dart of green and copper as a pheasant crosses my path
4. My housemate's cat giving me love bites (a little too hard) in the morning

Have a good day...